Keeper's Curse Character Designs

Written on March 4, 2024 by Niko Vargas

For this week we are going to share a little bit about our experience while designing and creating our amazing characters. For Keeper’s Curse, we decided that we wanted a toon style, while giving it a spooky vibe creating a mix that could be enjoyable for most players.

So I created “Casey Trench”, the main character/protagonist of the game. He is a scuba diver who finds himself stranded on the eerie shores of a mysterious island. The island is home to a variety of cursed creatures, the “Angry Angler”, “Spooky Seahorse”, and “Snappy Scales”. These are humanoid sea creatures that emerge from the cursed waters to challenge our hero.

Casey Trench

When creating Casey, we wanted our hero to look like a normal person. Someone that is not quite the strongest, but is brave and smart enough to defend himself and solve the challenges he faces. He is equipped with a diving suit and a pocket knife which serve as basic protection against the cursed island.

In the process of modelling, he was the first character created and acted as a base that I used to create and rig the other characters. We are very happy with the final result and are excited to show our players everything that he can do in the game!

Casey Trench Character Shots

Angry Angler

The Angry Angler is the first enemy that our hero faces. For his design, we wanted a sea creature with tons of teeth. So I started with an Anglerfish as reference, then added a humanoid body that allowed him to move on the ground. Modelling the Angler was very fun, and for this character I gave him an additional chain of bones on his head to allow us to animate the light on his head as well as his jaw. Watch out, he’ll bite our hero if he gets too close!

Angry Angler Character Shots

Spooky Seahorse

Our second enemy! The Spooky Seahorse attacks from a distance, designed to use his snout to shoot and damage our hero. They are the only enemies that do not have legs, meaning they float around and have a unique rig to the other characters. Modelling the character was very interesting as I was able to use most of the upper half of the Angry Angler to create some similarity between them while the rest of the body was made from scratch. These guys are ready to shoot you, so be prepared!

Spooky Seahorse Character Shots

Snappy Scales

The Snappy Scales are likely the last enemies you’ll encounter in Keeper’s Curse. His design is based on a sea turtle and he is here to chase Casey! This character looks very slow and lazy but will leap to his feet and sprint towards Casey in an attempt to put an end to his journey. Keeping the same process as the other characters, the Snappy Scales model is simple and practical for animations. If you are out there, you better look out for the Snappy Scales before they see you!

Snappy Scales Character Shots

Who’s your favourite?

Now that you’ve got to meet the main cast of characters, we want to know which one is your favourite! Let us know in the poll below, and feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear anything and everything you have to say!