Keeper's Curse Character Animations

Written on March 11, 2024 by Russell Wyatt

For this week’s blog post we are going to continue sharing more about our characters in Keeper’s Curse! This week we are diving into our character’s animation sets created by myself (Russel Wyatt), Niko Vargas, and Carson Kompon.

The animation team created and followed some standards to bring out characters to life. Those standards were to give each character their own personality, to create accurate movements and actions based on their appearance and features, and to play into the slapstick and spooky mixed vibe we are looking for. The animations produced from the team exceeded our expectations and standards and brought so much life to our Keeper’s Curse characters. If you didn’t have a favourite character yet, or already have a favourite from reading last week’s blog, maybe these animations will change your mind!

Casey Trench Animations

As Casey is the main character/protagonist of Keeper’s Curse, he needed the largest animation set out of all the characters. Casey’s animation set includes the following animations:

  • Idle
  • Walking (One for each weapon)
  • Walking Backwards
  • Running
  • Strafing (Left and Right)
  • Attack (One for each weapon)
  • Weapon Swapping
  • Taking Damage
  • Death

In total there are twenty animations for Casey Trench. In addition, each of Casey’s animations takes his weight into account and is designed to be exaggerated to fit the style of the game. Click the video below to view some of Casey Trench’s animations! Most attack variants and weapon swapping animations are not shown in the video, so look forward to seeing those in the game when it releases!

FUN FACT: Casey has over 2x as many animations than any other character in the game

Angry Angler

The Angry Angler is the first of three cursed creatures that Casey will encounter on the island. The Angry Angler’s animation set includes the following animations:

  • Idle
  • Walking
  • Attack (Three variants)
  • Taking Damage

In total there are six animations for the Angry Angler. Our goal was to keep the main features of the Angler in-tact while creating this animation set. All of the Angler’s animations take into account the “fishing rod” on his head and the bottom jaw with it’s sharp teeth. They both act and move similarly to how an Angler Fish would if it were humanoid. Click the video below to view some of the Angry Angler’s animations!

FUN FACT: Did you know an Angler Fish’s fishing rod is actually called an “esca”?

Spooky Seahorse

The Spooky Seahorse is our second creature of the three, found in the Tombstone Ruins. The Spooky Seahorse’s animation set includes the following animations:

  • Floating Idle
  • Floating forward
  • Attack (Three variants)
  • Taking Damage

Similarly to the Angry Angler, the Spooky Seahorse has a total of six animations. The Spooky Seahorse’s animations are unique as it is the only character to not have legs, and instead has a tail-like bone structure. As a result, the Spooky Seahorse’s animations are designed to make it look like it is floating and swimming through the air. Click the video below to view some of the Spooky Seahorse’s animations!

FUN FACT: The Spooky Seahorse is the only cursed creature with the ability to float!

Snappy Scales

The Snappy Scales creature is the third and final of the three. The Snappy Scales’ animation set includes the following animations:

  • Idle
  • Crawling
  • Running
  • Crawling/Running Transition
  • Attack (Three variants)
  • Taking Damage

This means the Snappy Scales has a total of eight animations, making it the creature with the most animations in the game. The Snappy Scales’ animations are designed to make it look like it is slow and lazy, but can quickly leap to its feet and sprint towards Casey. Each animation was made with his main torso and shell in mind, meaning his movement is limited as it would be in the real world. Click the video below to view some of the Snappy Scales’ animations!

FUN FACT: The Snappy Scales is the only creature with multiple movement animations!

Which do you like best?

Last week we asked you who your favourite character is, so this week we wanna know who’s animations you like best! Leave your answer in the pool below and feel free to leave any feedback, thoughts, or opinions in the comments section at the bottom of the page. We highly encourage it as we love to read or hear anything you have to share. Byte Size Studios takes into consideration all the comments posted, might even make a change to the final game!

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