Keeper's Curse Events

Written on April 15, 2024 by Carlos Rojas

Now that Keeper’s Curse is nearing release, we have been showcasing the game at various events to get feedback from players and industry professionals. In this blog post, I will be sharing our experiences showcasing the game so far and what is to come!

Game Dev Drinks

Byte Size Studios was proud to present the first public iteration of Keeper’s Curse at The Course and The Clubhouse! Most of the team attended to showcase the game and enjoy some of the games built by the other teams. The event took place on March 28th between 4pm and 10pm; many a laugh, many a drink and many a food were had during the course of the event. Professors and students alike gave valuable feedback to the team to implement for the upcoming events…

GD Launch

GD Launch took place on April 11th at the Niagara College Learning Commons. Byte Size was once again proud to present Keeper’s Curse to a relatively large and varied audience of students, professors and members of the industry. Later in the evening, the voice of Casey Trench, Carlos Cano came to pay us a visit and tried out the game; and he beat it too!

Level Up

We at Byte Size are very excited for April 19th; Level Up is taking place in Toronto. We will all be attending and cannot wait to see all the other games that will be showcased there. And we hope to see you there too! Here’s a sneak peek of our game’s trailer to tide you over until then:

What’s Next?

This is the final blog post for our scheduled monday posts, but check in sometime next week for another blog post with information on the game’s release. The game will first release on and then later on Steam. Let us know in the poll below if we’ll see you at level up!